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If you come to this section, it is because you are a resident of the beautiful Pembroke Pines and a keen enthusiast of gold and diamond jewelry. Whether you are interested to sell your gold in Pembroke Pines or repair or polish your golden earrings and other ornaments, repair your gold Rolex watches, or Compra De Oro in Pembroke Pines, you are at the right place because we are the most sought-after Pembroke Pines Jewelry store.

The highlight of jewelry is that there is a choice for every customer because of the vivid and varied designs available for buyers. At Gold & Ice, you get the most awesome and impressive choices because we are a reputed jewelry store in Pembroke Pines. While there are manifold materials used to make jewelry, we deal in trinkets made of precious metals like gold, diamond, and more.

Why us?

We understand the emotional connection and relationship one has with their valuable gold and diamond jewelry. That is why we have worked since 2000 to become a niche gold buyer in Pembroke Pines. Pembroke Pines certified jewelers with a proven track record offering the best prices as Pembroke Pines gold buyers. We are sellers of high and proven quality gold jewelry pieces and buy scrap gold from our customers at fair prices. Come to us in Pembroke Pines to sell your gold ornaments because we are one of the most reliable and qualified jewelers in Pembroke Pines.

Whether it is a minute repair work or an extensive one, no one can do a better job than Gold & Ice, a distinguished gold buyer in Pembroke Pines. One of the most common repairs calls that we receive about sizing the ring. Or, if your jewelry has undergone wear and tear and there is a fracture or so in the piece, or a gemstone has gone missing or needs to be held in place, we are here – your most trusted Jewelry store in Pembroke Pines.

Repair and maintenance of ornaments is one part of our expertise. We are equally proficient in polishing jewelry pieces and high-end Rolex gold watches. And, we are expert Compra De Oro in Pembroke Pines and your best professional Pembroke Pines Jewelry Store.  Whether you wish to buy new pieces, antique gold jewelry, or sell your gold in Pembroke Pines, we are the finest jewelers in the town.

As Pembroke Pine gold buyers, whether you want to buy the best quality gold and diamond jewelry or a resident of Pembroke Pines to sell your gold, just come over to our store and take the help of onsite experts.



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