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Have you been searching for a one-of-its-kind Weston jewelry shop? A shop that houses the most authentic and original jewel pieces? One store that helps in jewelry repairs in Weston is designing and creating unique and custom-made jewelry pieces. We are experts in selling ornaments made from precious metals like gold and diamond, vintage and epoch pieces of jewelry from the classical era. We are also known for being a leading store in Weston for jewelry repairs, buying scrap gold, and paying fair value for the same. We are also one of the foremost jewelers that specialize in jewelry pawn in Weston, FL.

Pawn Jewelry in Weston

Gold & Ice appraise your jewelry when you approach us for pawning. The appraisal is done to ensure that the gold ornaments are made from genuine precious metals. As a top jewelry store in Weston, we offer you the most realistic value for pawn jewelry in Weston. There is a promise and assurance when you come to us, be it for jewelry pawn in Weston, FL, or appointing us for designing personalized Weston jewelry.

Repairing gold jewelry for over two decades now

A broken piece of your favorite bracelet, or a missing diamond from your engagement ring, or the latch of your gold chain has come apart, and you can no longer wear it to a party! All of these can be painstakingly agonizing, but gold jewelry is delicate and fragile and has the risk of giving up once in a while. There is no reason to worry in Weston because one of the country’s most reliable and practiced jewelers is here.

For Weston jewelry repairs, bring your jewelry to our store and have it repaired at the site. We have our trained experts who can fix almost every kind of jewelry and premium watches swiftly and fast and at very cost-effective rates. At Gold & Rice, your high-end jewelry repair is a stress-free affair. You can be comfortable leaving your jewelry with us if the issue is complicated and needs more time to repair. From polishing to cleaning the piece to soldering and welding different pieces of the precious metals, we use the latest and state-of-art tools for jewelry repairs in Weston. Gold & Ice is a Weston expert in the onsite repair of your precious valuables, from ring sizing to tips and prongs repair. Watch our jewelers at work with unparalleled thoroughness getting your pieces back to their original shape!

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